A Danny Kelly Guide to Finding an Estate Agent

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Every Seller Needs to Know

Danny Kelly is a highly experienced estate agent who has made a career out of helping first-time property buyers to find the best value property for their needs. Thanks to his extensive network in the property market, he has been helping people find their perfect home as well as assist sellers to get their properties sold at the best price.

While you may already be excited to get valuations for your property, it pays to take the time to do some research first to find the most suitable estate agent to successfully sell the house for you.

Gathering a list of agents, at least three of them is a good start. You will want to get to know each of them by asking as many relevant questions as you can about what they do. Danny Kelly can help you assess whether they would indeed make a fine job of selling your property in Bicester and giving you a very good price as well.

See if they are highly recommended. There is always something reassuring when an estate agent comes highly recommended. Whether it is a friend or a family member, you feel that you can trust an estate agent more when you know that they have assisted someone you know before. This is especially true if they were given some very good positive feedback from the people that did hire their services in the past.

Consider the kinds of properties that they have sold and find out if they have had a lot of experience selling properties that are similar to yours. You will want to hire an experienced estate agent. So, it pays to find one who actually has a lot of exposure in selling properties that are very much like your home. This way, you are quite confident that they would know how to market it right to get it sold fast and at such a good price too.

Take a look at the properties that they are presently selling and consider how well they are presented. Check the pictures and see if they are high quality. Consider the descriptions and make sure that they are accurate as well. What you want is an agent that you are going to have the confidence to present the property in the best light possible.

Check their fees. While rates may vary, most estate agents will charge between one per cent to three per cent of the final value of the property upon sale, as their commission. There are some instances when you can get the fees haggled in order to lower it a bit. However, you have to remember that estate agents work on a commission basis so they would be less motivated to sell the property if they are not really getting that much out of it. While there is nothing wrong with haggling, haggling the rates way too low will only take away what incentive that they need to focus on your property and selling it.

Make sure that the estate agent that you can work well with. Consider what your gut instinct says. While this may look very good on paper, you have to consider how it feels like when you interact with the agent. You want somebody who has the track record and at the same time, will also make it easy enough for you to interact with them as you will expect to work with them closely. 

Watch the video below to learn more.

Most importantly, choose one that you know you can trust. Learn more tips on how to make the most of the services of your estate agent by reading about Danny Kelly Bicester online. You can connect with Danny Kelly Bicester on LinkedIn. Learn more about Danny Kelly on his website here.

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