Making the Most of Your Estate Agent by Danny Kelly

11:45 AM

Maximising Your Chances for a Quick Sale

Welcome to the Danny Kelly Bicester blog. 

Danny Kelly is an estate agent that specialises in assisting first-time buyers. He also focuses on finding rental properties that offer the best rental values. The manager of Danny Kelly Estates, Danny is an expert in locating the right home for his clients, thanks to an expansive network that he has built over the years of being involved in the property market.

When selling your property, it pays to know how to make the most out of your estate agent. You want to maximise your chances to get not just an effective sale, but a quick one too. Regardless of whether you are selling a house, studio apartment, cottage, bungalow or a flat, here are some tips that should help you make the most out of your estate agent.

Start with valuations. Since there are likely going to be a number of estate agents in your local scene, you might want to check out three of these agents to come up with a valuation for your home. A lot of people often make the mistake of picking the agent that offers the highest figures. However, they fail to realise that most estate agents try to give out really high valuations just so sellers will actually pick them.

It would help you make the right choice if you have an idea of how to value your home just like what Danny Kelly recommends. It would help if you check out the properties that have been sold in your area to get an idea of the likely average price. While you would certainly want to sell your property at a good price, you would not want to raise the number to such a point where buyers will be deterred.

After you have decided on an estate agent and ironed out his terms and conditions, you can expect them to get the particulars of the property from you. Expect them to ask you about the details of the property and they should refer to you too, to ensure that the information that they have are all accurate. Be sure to ask the photos that they are going to be posting and make sure too that you will have a hand on determining which ones should e used before the agent will have them included in the details attached to your property.

You will want to be ready for viewings too. Once the property is put on the market, interested buyers will want to see it up close. This is why you have to be ready to accept viewings as soon as possible. You might want to give your estate agent a set of keys to the property to allow them easy access to it when they will be showing the place to would-be buyers. This would be the most convenient arrangement if you expect to be away from your home during most parts of the day.

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Communication needs to be open between you and your estate agent. You will want to know how things are progressing and you need to be kept up to date about how the whole process is being managed. Remember that the estate agent is supposed to be working for you. Making sure that you maintain a pleasant and professional working relationship with them is very important. Learn more about how to maximise your chances when selling a property by reading about Danny Kelly Bicester online. You can also follow the Danny Kelly Bicester Twitter page. You can find out more about Danny Kelly on his Crunchbase page here. 

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